Partners and technology

ZZF Public Company

As for a metallurgical enterprise, the plant is comparatively environmentally clean, all electric furnaces have scrubber systems, that guarantee the dust and gas catching up to 99,9% as a minimum. There is a pelletizing process plant of our own in run. Partially, ferroalloy gases are used to produce lime, technological vessels drying and heating of a plant and water, instead of the natural gas.

Closed circulation technical water supplying cycles are functioning. A stable level of technology and a high quality of production is guaranteed by precise measuring, controlling and information devices which are monitored by a highly experienced and qualified team.

The assortment of fractional articles production is increased to meet the customer demands.

Quality management and production control is confirmed by the international quality standard ISO 9001: 2008.

Main customers are the Ukrainian metallurgical companies, export is directed to Turkey, EU Countries, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Egypt, Japan, South Korea.