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NZF Public Company

Nikopol Ferro Alloys Factory (NZF) Public Company is a solid industrial enterprise situated 3 km to the north-west of the city of Nikopol. It is one of the biggest metallurgical industrial enterprises of Ukraine, boasting of being the biggest ferroalloy producer in Europe, belonging to the four biggest global ferroalloys producers.

The erection of the Nikopol Ferro Alloys Factory was presupposed by its being close to the black iron ore deposit (Nikopol – Manganiferous Ore Basin), power sources and thoroughfares. It was on May 8th, 1958 that Council of Ministers of the USSR adopted a resolution to build the ferrous alloys plant in Nikopol. The plant erection began in November 1962. The 6th of March 1966 is the Factory`s Birthday, when the fluxing stone smelter was launched. August 27th of 1968 saw the first production.

The enterprise in question is one of the globally biggest manganese ferroalloys producers, it is a leader in achieving of qualitative characteristics in ferroalloys production. Maximal designed capacity of the enterprise is 1,200,000 ton of ferrous alloys per year. Two main shop areas include 16 furnace units with the capacity of 75 megavoltampere, which makes them the biggest in the world for the time being.

The enterprise is using skimmings very actively in its processing cycle. Since 1972, a treatment of ferroalloy slurries and dump slags.

Core operation area products:

ferrous alloys (ferrosilicomanganese and ferromanganese smelting)

welding fluxes;

electroslag remelting fluxes;

manganese sinter

anode paste.


gravel, sand, sand and crushed stone mix

granulated slag

slag casting

knitted goods