Tax strategy According to Article 27c of the CIT law:
- tax capital groups;
- taxpayers other than tax capital groups whose income in the tax year exceeded the equivalent of EUR 50 million converted into gold at the average euro exchange rate announced by the National Bank of Poland on the last business day of the calendar year preceding the year of publication of individual taxpayer data (in accordance with article 27b of the CIT act) are required to prepare and publish information on the implemented tax strategy for the tax year.
In accordance with its obligations under tax law, Stalmag sp.z o. o. provides information on its tax strategy.
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Tax strategy for 2020 (PDF)
Stalmag regularly implements an Energy audit of the enterprise, which is a procedure for obtaining information about the possibility of reducing energy consumption in all areas of the electric power industry of the enterprise. Based on these checks, Stalmag implements:
- improving energy efficiency in all areas of activity,
- measurements of instruments and equipment developed by a group of engineers to determine the potential for savings,
- development of an energy efficiency improvement policy at the enterprise for the coming years.
The employees of Stalmag for the maintenance of loading and unloading equipment have completed the special course, which ended with an exam before the State Examination Commission of the Technical Supervision Department.
Also, all equipment operating during loading and unloading at Stalmag have been approved for operation by the Technical Supervision Department and have valid work permits issued by the local Technical Supervision Department, and are subject to constant periodic monitoring.
Regular and reliable realization of all necessary inspections is aimed at ensuring the proper and safe functioning of the loading and unloading equipment. The adoption of such measures is necessary not only in accordance with the legislation, but also in order to ensure the safety andabsence of any risk to the health and life of employees of the enterprise.
MAY 2021
Our new partner in cargo transportation – company WENGA sp. z o. o.
The legal and actual address has been changed, due to the move to the company's new own administrative building:
ul. Niedurnego 70, 41-709 Ruda Slaska, Polska
To ensure an independent entrance, a private entrance was built from the side of Nedurnego 70 Street, Ruda Slaska.
MAY 2020
A new closed warehouse of big begs has been built. The pillars of the former railway overpass served as the basis for the construction.
The storage capacity is 900 tons.
The reconstruction of the former railway overpass, namely its shelter, was carried out, which allowed the construction of boxes for open storage.
The storage volume is 13,000-15,000 tons of homogeneous material (of which about 7,000-9,000 tons on slabs under a tarpaulin).
A comprehensive reconstruction of the covered storage warehouse was carried out:
- new boxes have been completed;
- the roof area has been increased.
The storage volume is 10000-12000 tons of homogeneous material.